Uy. I sort of stopped updating this, but...

Hello there! If you're looking for Inday's old sites (Indayworks.com or LuvKoSiInday.com), you're at the right place. I stopped updating them at one point. I've decided to continue posting and republish most of the old sites' content into an all-new, super boring UNHELPFUL BLOG that I might relaunch in the near future... maybe! (Or I'll probably re-post some of them on Medium -- not that it matters haha).

🙌 Thank you, next!
If you've been a part of my sites almost 2 decades ago, thank you! Whether it was via the message boards, guestbook, my random polls, or taking webcam pics at the VENN Cyberlink (before the term 'selfie' was even invented.), we all had a good time!

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