Uy. I sort of stopped updating this, but...

Hello there! If you're looking for Inday's old sites (Indayworks.com or LuvKoSiInday.com), you're at the right place. I stopped updating them at one point (it's been almost two decades since my personal websites were last active). But it wouldn't hurt to have a few highlights here for-- aherm, vanity, and a trip down memory lane... at some point soon :-)

🙌 Thank you!
If you've been a part of my personal websites almost 2 decades ago, thank you! Whether it was via the message boards, guestbook, my random polls, or taking webcam pics at the VENN Cyberlink (before the term 'selfie' was even invented.), I really treasure those memories - we all had a good time!

PS. Looking for some Barangay Inday and Indayworks/LuvkosiInday guestbook and messageboards regulars -- we're not able to find you peeps on social media: NegativeFive, Kung Pao, Kung Lao, Ocra Turtle, Chachi, etc. (I'll post more handles here soon!) .

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