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Hello there! This Blog is a personal site with selected posts that go as far as 1998. This site is generally unhelpful to most of you, but if you land here from a search and found what you’re looking for (which I doubt haha!) that’s good. To those who know me, they’ll know why this site and old posts are still online.

I’m Cheryl. In the late ’90s/00s cyberworld  I’m affectionately known as webmaster Inday😍. Been weaving the web since the late 90s (when some of you were probably not born yet – hahaha!), and blogs were not yet called blogs. Some people know my websites as Indayworks or LuvKoSiInday.com. Some (not all) of the content from those old sites are migrated here. I’ve renamed this to a generally unhelpful blog because really, it’s most probably people who knew me back then who’d be searching for this, and I’m keeping some posts for nostalgia. We were all young once 😍

For students doing research and looking for a few snaps of the late ‘90s and early 2000’s internet scene in the Philippines –  I kept them here. Some of the posts and interviews might appear too proud to some of you who didn’t witness the events, but yes, I was sort of an influencer back then. As the youngest contender in the Philippine Web Awards in its first 3 years, I’ve inspired young aspiring designers and encouraged them to pursue their web designing aspiration, and that with the internet the playing field can be equal. 

  A throwback from the year 2000– not 1998?!
(well when I started publishing online, I didn’t have my own computer, I had to work long hours at the De La Salle University-Manila computer laboratory, using their Unix/VAX terminals and we didn’t take pictures in the lab! bummer. :D)

This is me at my happy place– posing with my Pentium III desktop with a Viewsonic 800×600 monitor (with ICQ, Internet Explorer on), plus my trusty 2kg (it IS heavy!) Dell Inspiron, an Epson printer, a Fuji scanner, and my Starbucks mug.  On the wall  are a few of my awards from the Philippine Web Awards and some school plaques.


Some FAQ-aqs (coined by May)

  • Why are there old news clippings / articles from the early 00s?
    I won multiple national web awards when I was young for websites I did, even including my personal websites (Indayworks.com and LuvKoSiInday.com) 
  • Why do you still have this blog when you don’t even update it?
    Spot on hehe. This blog contains selected posts from my personal websites (Indayworks.com and LuvKoSiInday.com) which, whether I like it or not (I like it haha) are part of the Philippine Internet Blogging history (citation1, citation2).

    While I can’t keep showing the sites in their original format and the full content (we were all young back then, and my posts contained personal information such as birthdays, full names, etc. of my friends and ‘barangay members’ who are now in the corporate world), I’ve tried my best to keep some posts here. 

    There was a forum/messageboards where visitors and barangay inday members posted and communicated with each other(yes I had my barangay – an online community), and a guestbook where visitors posted and introduced themselves. These are the features I can’t recreate now, of course we have social media platforms to do that, but it was really fun back then 🙂

  • What is Barangay Inday?
    I met many people through my personal sites, some are fellow web developers and designers. My website visitors somehow kept messaging  me and my friends, there’s some sort of a small community on the site, so one of them (Chuyski, I think!) coined “Barangay Inday” (the term ‘Barangay’ defined here ).  There’s a core group / Barangay ‘officers’, who correspond to people visiting my site and leaving messages. It was really a fun small community. I wished I was able to save the message boards and guestbook before the services went down.
Some core Barangay Inday members at the 3rd Philippine Web Awards. Missing members not able to attend: Jayadewa, Marie, Kung Pao, Dessyang, Joseph, and the rest of the people in the Barangay messageboards who wanted to go(!).


  • You had followers??? Hehehe
    Yes in a way, as a friend says, my old personal website(s) had the first-generation true ‘followers’– there was no platform like IG or FB, they’d visit my website to chat @ the messageboards or leave a message at the guestbook, or just check out my (unhelpful but fun! haha) updates.

  • How do selfies before look like?
    We did selfies before they were called selfies! We were using webcam cameras mostly.


Ok there’s no more FAQ questions 😀 

If you’ve read up to here…thanks!  ❤️ To be honest his site will never be the same as how it was in 1998-1999 (Indayworks.com), and 2000-2003 (LuvKoSiInday.com),  but I still like ‘blogging’ sometimes so I’d try to post, once in a while. 



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Hello there!
Some of you know me as Cheryl, Che, or Fwethz, but in the '90s cyberworld I was affectionately known as Inday😍.   [About]

Hello there!
Some of you know me as Cheryl, Che, or Fwethz, but in the '90s cyberworld I was affectionately known as Inday😍.   [About]