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Hello there! This Unhelpful Blog is a personal site with posts that go as far as 1997. This site should be generally unhelpful to most of you, but helpful and faithful to its creator  whom you might (or most probably might not) know as Cheryl (who in the late ’90s cyberworld  is affectionately known as webmaster Inday😍). Yes she has been weaving the web since the late 90s (when some of you were probably not born yet – haha!), and blogs were not yet called blogs.

A few people know her websites as Indayworks or LuvKoSiInday.com. Many (not all) of the content from those old sites are migrated here in this all-new UnhelpfulBlog. Inday decided to change the name of her personal site  to The Unhelpful Blog, because in general her posts here really don’t aim to help anyone find anything. Of course, a few  ( and a few more of her fans in the late ’90s would argue otherwise, but we don’t know where they are now🤣)  of you may find some posts helpful (if anyone is looking for a few snaps of the late ‘90s and early 2000’s internet scene in the Philippines ).

The Unhelpful Blog author, aka INDAY in the early 2000’s posing with her Pentium III desktop with a Viewsonic 800×600 monitor (with ICQ, Internet Explorer on), her trusty 2kg Dell Inspiron, an Epson printer, and a Fuji scanner. Stacked underneath the computer table is her first love, a Pentium 2 DX machine with 8GB hard disk and 16MB of ram.). In the background are a few of her awards from the Philippine Web Awards.


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Why are there old news clippings / articles from the early 00s?

This is the part where I get to brag about being a Web 0.0 star!

“Vain yet naturally entertaining”  (based on her site reviews and critics!), her old personal sites (from Indayworks.com, then LuvKoSiInday.com, IndayXP,  Inday.heyey.com) became a bit popular with filipino and fil-am netizens and had received a lot of visitors (and return visitors). The sites generally showcased Inday’s life (friends, fun places, etc) in an entertaining way that the readers who visited have loved the sites.

The sites received mentions, link reviews from Tanikalang Ginto (probably one of the first manually-created web directory of websites about the Philippines/Filipino people), and yes, loyal repeat visitors that even prompted Inday to launch a messageboard/forum where they could all communicate and talk about certain things (we were the millennials back then!). The personal websites had won awards several times. Many of the news clippings are related to the many awards she won, including the website she made for Donna Cruz, which first started as a fan site which shortly became the celebrity’s official website, and a few other sites that she created related to work / freelancing.

The Unhelpful Blog author, aka INDAY on one of her various magazine / article interviews in the early 00’s. This one’s from CHALK magaine, August 2001, written by Dart Tiglao.

What is Barangay Inday?

This is the part where I get to brag about having some sort of followers before social media was invented! Geez – very old haha.

Inday met many people via her personal sites, several of them fellow web developers and designers. Site visitors kept messaging  Inday and her friends, wanting to be a part of their circle of friends too, so one of them coined the term Barangay Inday — (the term ‘Barangay’ defined here ). 


Some Barangay Inday members at the 3rd Philippine Web Awards. Missing members not able to attend: Jayadewa, Marie, Kung Pao, Dessyang, Joseph, and the rest of the people in the Barangay messageboards who wanted to go(!).

In a sense her old personal website(s) had definition of first-generation true ‘followers’– there was no RSS feed available for visitors to keep abreast of site posts, no social media platform where you can systematically “follow” and get notified of new posts. But her website visitors kept visiting and posting on the message boards (yes the messageboards  had threads over 10 pages with posts from different netizens just saying hi, asking trivial / friendship / work / love-related  questions in general).  It sort of became like an online hangout place.  Some of the frequent visitors even wanted to meet up with the rest of the Barangay members.

Inday stopped actively updating her blog for awhile. Years later, when social networking sites were born, Inday and her solid/core Barangay Inday friends used those to keep in touch instead.


ANYWAY this could go on and on and on hahaha with my very long story about my love for the web

If you’ve read up to here…thanks! The Unhelpful Blog creator would like to thank you from the bottom of its creator’s sometimes-unhelpful heart if you’ve read up to this part of the page. Thanks for dropping by, you are the world. ❤️


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Hello there!
Some of you know me as Cheryl, Che, or Fwethz, but in the '90s cyberworld I was affectionately known as Inday😍.  Welcome to my Unhelpful Blog! [About]

Hello there!
Some of you know me as Cheryl, Che, or Fwethz, but in the '90s cyberworld I was affectionately known as Inday😍.  Welcome to my Unhelpful Blog! [About]