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Hello there! This Unhelpful Blog is a personal site generally unhelpful to most of you but helpful and faithful to its creator  whom you might know as Cheryl (but in the ’90s cyberworld she was affectionately known as Inday😍). She started her personal website in the late ’90s, when most of you are probably below 5 years old or not yet born (haha!) and blogs were not yet called blogs. Some people know the websites as Inday/Indayworks or LuvKoSiInday.com. Many of the content from those old personal websites are migrated here in this UnhelpfulBlog. Inday decided to change the course of her personal site from being Inday sites to The Unhelpful Blog, because in general the posts really don’t aim to help anyone find anything, it’s a personal online blog, her blabber, her posts, some works, etc. (a few of her fans in the late ’90s would argue otherwise, but  we don’t know where they are now🤣). Of course she hopes some of the posts could be helpful to you, at least if you’re bored and got nothing to do and ended up reading this🤣

Inday’s family and friends (who might be the sole visitors of this site now) might find some of the entries posted here nostalgic and a celebration of our youth -LOL- (Glorietta, Greenbelt, tambay, Friday’s etc) plus a few snaps of the late ‘90s and early 2000’s internet scene in the Philippines).


No regular updates

The Unhelpful Blog is not regularly updated as its unhelpful creator, master blogger Inday cannot help herself find a regular time updating the Unhelpful Blog.


History (why are there entries from the late ’90s?)

The creator of the unhelpful blog, Inday, first created her personal website in 1996 in the VAX Unix computer laboratory of De La Salle University-Manila, where manually coded HTML,  using Pico, her first personal website. She didn’t have her own domain name yet, it was published under her /~ pub space in the CCS server and was pretty much text-based (but looks great on a unix terminal).  Unfortunately she can only save and retrieve files when she started building sites on a PC. Her Unix files are all gone. Anyway eventually she coded on power text editors (before CSS 1.0 was widely used), and then Dreamweaver,  and coded in php and aspx.


The Unhelpful Blog author, aka INDAY in the early 2000’s posing with her Pentium III desktop with a Viewsonic 800×600 monitor (with ICQ, Internet Explorer on), her trusty 2kg Dell Inspiron, an Epson printer, and a Fuji scanner. Stacked underneath the computer table is her first love, a Pentium 2 DX machine with 8GB hard disk and 16MB of ram.). In the background are a few of her awards from the Philippine Web Awards.

Her personal sites (from Indayworks.com, then LuvKoSiInday.com, IndayXP,  Inday.heyey.com) were kind of helpful in an entertaining way, a bit popular in the Philippines and a few netizens outside the Philippines,  that they won awards.  The personal sites had a LOT of webcam selfies (before the term ‘selfie’ was even used) which people somehow liked (at 0.3 to 1megapixel yes they were considered cool before!).


An article about Inday by Dart Tiglao published in Chalk Magazine in early 2000’s.


Inday met many people via her personal sites, several of them fellow web developers and designers. Site visitors kept asking Inday and her friends, wanting to be their friends too, so one of them coined the term Barangay Inday — (the term ‘Barangay’ defined here ). The sites eventually even had their own messageboards where people log on and ask questions from Inday and Barangay Inday friends,  a guestbook (that obviously crashed, provided by a service that went out of business after the dotcom bust, gbook.nu).


Some Barangay Inday members at the 3rd Philippine Web Awards. Missing members not able to attend: Jayadewa, Marie, Kung Pao, Dessyang, Joseph, and the rest of the people in the Barangay messageboards who wanted to go(!).


In a sense her old personal website(s) had definition of first-generation true ‘followers’– there was no RSS feed available for visitors to keep abreast of site posts, but the followers kept visiting and posting on the message boards (yes the site had a forum-type of messageboards and had threads over 10 pages with posts from different netizens just saying hi, asking questions. It’s kind of like an online hangout place. If I think about it now, the people who post were sort of real, even if we didn’t know them, they were polite and responses were not troll-like. There  also weren’t any random posts or auto-spam… spammers haven’t perfected the technology yet before hehehe), with some of them even wanting to meet up with the rest of the Barangay members.

Years later, when social networking sites were born, Inday and her friends used those to keep in touch instead.

ANYWAY to stop blabbering — this Unhelpful Blog contains many of the old content from the old personal sites. Many of them won’t really make sense to you guys now, but they do to us, 90s kids.


The Unhelpful Team

The Unhelpful Blog only has 1 unhelpful team consisting of  1 unhelpful creator (the Unhelpful Blog Author herself) who has problems with personal time management, hence the infrequent updates. If you wish to contact the team there is no way to do so. You can try to leave comments though or tweet her over Twitter.



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The Unhelpful Blog doesn’t have any contact forms.



The Unhelpful Blog creator would like to thank you from the bottom of its creator’s sometimes-unhelpful heart if you’ve read up to this part of the page. Thanks for dropping by, you are the world. ❤️



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Hello there!
Some of you know me as Cheryl, Che, or Fwethz, but in the '90s cyberworld I was affectionately known as Inday😍.  Welcome to my Unhelpful Blog! [About]

Hello there!
Some of you know me as Cheryl, Che, or Fwethz, but in the '90s cyberworld I was affectionately known as Inday😍.  Welcome to my Unhelpful Blog! [About]